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About Us

The Texas A&M Cyber Security Club is a student-ran organization, providing current A&M students with the knowledge to begin a successful career in the cybersecurity field.

The objective of the Texas A&M Cyber Security Club is to provide its members with the necessary resources to obtain technical knowledge to enter the cybersecurity workforce with a competitive advantage. We present our members with the following opportunities:

  1. Train for professional certifications
  2. Compete against other students and industry professionals
  3. Stay informed with current, global cybersecurity events
  4. Network with guest speakers from both public and private sectors

We've provided various meeting times throughout the week to provide our members with the opportunity to attend what they'd like. The Cyber Security Club is comprised of three parts:




General Cyber Security Club Meetings

General Meetings are held weekly on Tuesdays at 6pm in ETB 1005. These meetings are reserved for certification training, interactive labs for related cybersecurity concepts, and guest speakers. All members welcome to attend!

Competitive Team Meetings

Competitive Team Meetings are held weekly on Fridays at 4pm in ETB 1005. This is the tentative meeting time and will change throughout the semester. This meeting is reserved for Capture the Flag (CTF) competition training and for the Competitive Team's CCDC training. All members are welcome to attend!

Corps of Cadets Cyber Operations Special Unit

Members of the Corps of Cadets are welcome to attend the Cyber Operations Special Unit (COSU) meetings during Monday and Friday training times. Membership is open to Sophomores-Seniors.

Become a Member

Membership to the Texas A&M Cybersecurity Club provides you with yearly club t-shirts; access to the club's forum, exclusive to only previous and current club members; and opportunities for sponsorship for certification testing to further your career in the Cybersecurity field.

Contact Info.

Email: PR@TamuCyberClub.info

Corps Email: Corps-PR@TamucCyberClub.info

Website: TamuCyberClub.info